Sarah Schira from Imagined Landscapes Designs - I design knitting patterns for everyday adventures

I’m Sarah.  I’ve been designing sweaters and accessories for my family and friends almost since I started knitting more than 14 years ago, but I’ve only recently started to publish patterns. It’s very exciting to see my ideas transformed by other knitter’s yarn and colour choices!

I live in the Canadian Prairies, but have always been more of an urban prairie girl. We moved around the centre of Canada a fair bit when I was young and I don’t have a hometown, just a home landscape. I married a German, and love the options for travel that he has brought to my life. When I’m there I miss the big skies, and when I’m here I miss the cobblestones and downtown shops.

I homeschooled my two kids from K-12 and now delight in seeing their continuing adventures in university. I love to run. I am an assistant coach with the Brandon University Women’s soccer team.

I love to read myself into new worlds and I love to travel, and that’s part of where the name Imagined Landscapes came from. There’s more to the name, though, and you can read about it here: Why ‘Imagined Landscapes’?



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