new pattern: Step Gable Brioche Cowl

Step Gable Brioche Cowl knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes Designs - simple and fun two-coloured textured brioche with a photo tutorial

$5 CAD


Brioche has an amazing squishable loveliness and this new pattern plays a bit with brioche by adding texture. Nancy Marchant has been developing a new set of stitches based on brioche but multi-coloured and textured. The Step Gable Tuck Stitch is a simple stitch pattern to work, but does it ever deliver! I added a full-colour photo tutorial to the pattern so if you’ve never done brioche stitch before you can leap right in with this version.

“It was my first foray into brioche and it was a lot easier than I expected!” marfi236

“Great pattern, easy to understand and thoroughly explained. High visual impact for a simple, addictive stitch.” JodieBrees

Step Gable Brioche Cowl knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes Designs - simple and fun two-coloured textured brioche with a photo tutorial

Skills Used: 

  • knit and purl
  • working in the round
  • sl1yo, sl1+yo (tutorial included)
  • brp+1 (tutorial included)


Neck Warmer
Height: 9” / 21.5cm
Circumference: 21” / 56cm

Double Loop Cowl
Height: 6.5” / 16.5cm
Circumference: 56” / 142cm


The cowl is knit with 2 colours of worsted-weight yarn and both sizes use less than 2 100g balls of yarn.

I love that it’s unisex. I knit a lot for the men in my life and it’s nice to have a pattern that works for everyone, although that probably means I’m never going to be able to find these to wear…


Step Gable Brioche Cowl knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes Designs - simple and fun two-coloured textured brioche with a photo tutorial

$5 CAD

Episode 17: The Yarn Continuum

What’s New?



  • Wearable Blanket

Destination Achieved


Are We There Yet?


What’s on the Horizon (Imaginary Knitting and/or Planning)

  •  Sarah: Toggl app to measure actual time


On the Knitted Path

Question from Crochetknitmama: “This may seem odd but I was hoping you might be able to give examples of the different weights of yarns. Such as worsted is Malabrigo Rios, etc. I was listening to your podcast and I was listening you talk about designing with different yarns and how the weight affects things etc. It got me thinking because I tend to lump Aran and worsted together, as well as dk and sport and probably others”


Off the Knitted Path 


Episode 16: Wearing a Wearable Blanket


What’s New in Life?

  • Katie:
    • Eshakti clothes
    • Terrarium building workshop
  • Sarah:
    • Big anniversary! (20 years of motherhood)


  • Wearable Blanket KAL
    • 21 FOs already in the thread
    • Instagram hashtag giveaway winner: karenflinchum Link to her post, wins pattern of choice from Jennifer Lassonde
    • KAL Chatter thread winner is holity, wins Amplitude by Greg Cohoon 
  • Snowfall on the Mountains KAL

Destination Achieved (FOs)

  • Katie:
    • 30 buttons (sale!)

Are We There Yet?  (WIPs)

  • Katie:
  • Sarah:
    • Front and back done, 3needle BO at shoulders, now doing side ribbing. Almost done!
    • Been adding squares to my mitred square blanket

What’s on the Horizon (Imaginary Knitting and/or Planning)

  • Katie:
  • Sarah:
    • Have 3 colours of Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium yarn for the MB Fibre Fest pattern collection, dreaming of how to do a golden sun/silver moon wrap. 
      • pattern name “Filled with Urgement?” ;-)

Off the Knitted Path (non-yarn things)

Confession Time

I’m hoping most of you didn’t notice it and that you’ve not been waiting impatiently, but I failed completely to get the mitred blanket pattern and tutorial series up during February.

Two things contributed: 1) February was far busier than I expected and FabulousFunFebruary  did it’s job and kept me busy and distracted. 2) I got intimidated.

I have put up a video or two on YouTube, but that was a long while ago and anything I learned about how to edit videos and how to post them to YouTube was pushed out of my head. I’ve learned a lot since starting to publish my designs and I only have a certain amount of working memory for all these tasks. Use it or lose it, right?

The pattern and the tutorials are coming though. I’ve got a lot done on the prep work side of things, and today I’m going to swatch a new colourwork design while watching some tutorials on iMovie. I’m hoping that a few of those are all I need to break through the intimidation barrier and get me ready to muck about.

I had fun letting my email list of insiders pick the name. The winner: Rainbow Windows Blanket.

Coming soon - the Rainbow Windows blanket pattern for a join-as-you-go mitred square blanket pattern

Episode 15: Midwinter Thaw

What’s New in Life?




Patterns and Events

  • FabulousFunFebruary
    • Use the hashtag and post things that are making you happier this Feb
  • New Pattern! Winter’s Path
    • Part of the Hats4Happiness 30% off sale this month

Winter's Path Hat - a knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes

Are We There Yet?  (WIPs)



What’s on the Horizon


Off the Knitted Path 



New Pattern and a Giveaway

Winter's Path Hat - a knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes

Regularly $5 CAD – Use “Hats4Happiness” until the end of February to get 30% off.

Go to Ravelry and enter the code

Winter’s Path is a beautiful, fast hat with a single cable and lace motif. Written both for worsted weight cotton and bulky yarn.

That’s my mom up there in the photo with her fantastic, twinkly smile. This Christmas I wanted to design a pattern that would look fabulous on her. She’s allergic to wool, so I knit it in Blue Sky Cotton. To make a cotton hat that doesn’t get floppy and baggy (and stays put in our prairie winds), I used a smaller cast-on number than would be normal for worsted weight. And then I looked at the numbers realized that this pattern could also be knit with bulky yarn.

I’ve knit 2 bulky versions and they won’t be my last! I’m not alone – a number of test knitters knit two of these. I guess I better warn you that they seem to be addictive.

Let’s spread the joy for this Fabulous Fun February giveaway: 

Enter to Win a Copy for you and a friend!

Contest closes Monday Feb 20, 9pm Central. (if either of you have already bought the pattern, I will give you any of my other patterns that you would like to have)

To Fit: 18 (20, 22, 24)” / 46 (51, 56, 61) cm circumference

Skills List
•knit and purl
•working in the round
•k2tog, ssk

•cable needle
•darning needle
•3 stitch markers
•Approximate Yardage: (with a 15% buffer)
Child: 100 yd. / 92m, Small: 110 yd. / 100m, Medium: 140 yd. / 128m, Large: 180 yd. / 165m

test knitters versions of the Winter's Path hat

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Enter to win a copy of Pomball: Zig

Fabulous Fun February continues! I hope you’ve been remembering to find ways to light up this month with moments of kindness, adventure, and joy. Don’t forget to use #FabulousFunFebruary to share what you’re up to on Instagram.

For the latest giveaway, I wanted to feature a hat since knitting hats makes me happy. I also wanted to give all my knitting friends a discount if there’s a pattern they’ve been eyeing. Hesitate no longer! Click on this link to see the bundle of my hat patterns on Ravelry and use the code “Hats4Happiness” to get 30% off hats all month long. I’ve got 9 out right now (with a 10th nearly ready for everyone to see).
adorable baby hat, knitting pattern


Want to win the hat? Click here to enter!

It will ask for your first name and email. I won’t do anything with the email addresses other than contact the winner, and I’ll delete the file once I’ve confirmed with the winner. If you do want to sign up for my twice-monthly ‘sneak peeks, coupons, and great stuff emails’ you can do that here.


Pomball Zig knitting hat pattern worsted colourwork


Pomball: Zig remains a favourite of mine. Sized from Baby to Adult Large and knit in worsted weight. Simple enough to be an easy hat project despite the colourwork, and so much fun to choose colours for! I even wrote up a helpful set of tips for choosing colours in your knitting projects. Click here to read them.