Leave Gnome Stone Unturned – December Mystery Gnome Event

This December, count down the days with a fun gnome event! 

Longest Gnight has been a favourite holiday among the gnomes of the Grimblewoods for centuries. The Gnome of the Gnorth brings light to every house on the darkest day of the year. He’s ready to leave on his important journey this year, but his friend Gnombleberry is missing. 

What’s involved?

🍄a terrifically sweet gnome pattern delivered in small pieces

🍄fun extras like a story, recipes, and other surprises

🍄27 email updates (with the gnome knitting finished before the 25th)

🍄simple knitting to keep December fun – no knitting gymnastics required (see below)

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Important Dates

Nov 1 – pattern goes on sale and you can download a PreKnitalong PDF with key info and advice

Nov 1 – participating dyers from multiple countries offer mini skein sets – including Loopy Ewe yarn sets (but not goodie sets)

Dec 1 – the December Countdown Gnome Event begins! Clue 1 sent out!

A little info about knitting Gnombleberry

This December gnome will be a simple gnome in terms of both skills and fiddliness, because I want you to have maximum fun and minimum bother.

Skills Required:

-knitting and purling in the round

-picking up sts

-simple increases and decreases


As ever, there will be lots of video tutorials covering every step & skill I think you might need help with. Want extra reassurance? Check out previous gnome tutorial videos here and last year’s December Gnome here.

24 of the updates will arrive Dec 1-24, with three updates saved for sometime between Dec 27-31. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, the gnome clues will be complete on/before the 24th.

Participating Sponsors

These creative folks have all seen the finished gnome and know the secrets. They’ve put together great colour combinations they are excited to see you turn into gnomes.


Emma’s Yarn

Leading Men

Beautiful Syster


Norah George

Lamington Lass

Lucy Locket Land


Ancient Arts

Dye for Ewe


Das Mondschaf

Tricot & Stitch



Yarn Therapy

Glenheaven Knits

Dazzled by the interest in the kits in September, The Loopy Ewe is focusing first on making sure those orders are wrapped and ready. I’ll let you know if they offer sets again this month. Stay tuned on Instagram for news on that.