January in Canada…Is it any wonder that I want to have fun with a new mystery gnome?

Gnemo loves ice-skating on outdoor rinks, hot chocolate with a little rum in it afterwards, and the fact that early twilight means he gets to light candles at supper.

This gnome features colourwork, and if that worries you, don’t let it! This is a PERFECT first colourwork project because fit really doesn’t matter and the project is small. Having a few days to work on each clue will also break the work down into manageable and ever-changing bites. Not to mention that I’ll have some tutorials to help.

Key Dates

  • Feb 12: Clue 1
  • Mar 3: Last Clue
  • Mar 17: Last day to enter a finished gnome for prizes
  • Mar 19: Prize winners announced

When you purchase this pattern, you’ll get a PDF with all the dates, colour choosing info, and more. (Note: German preKAL PDF to come soon) Then on each clue date, Ravelry will alert you that a new file is available for download.


Partner Dyers

The following dyers have seen the finished gnome and have put together sets of minis for you to order. They’ve got great taste! Many of them have partnered with me to do giveaways on my Instagram and on their platforms. Keep an eye out!

⭐️Dye for Ewe  Yes, Canadians, I found us a Canadian dyer to participate! Dye for Ewe supplied the yarn for my Gnemo – the set I used is called “When In Gnome.”

⭐️Das Mondschaf: English / German

⭐️Leading Men Fiber Arts

⭐️Dragon Hoard Yarn

⭐️Arkansas Yarn Co

⭐️Marianated Yarns

⭐️Kitty Pride Yarns