Gnorwen loves working at the Gnice Cream Shoppe in the Gnorthern Ranges National Park. The park is famous for its whitewater rivers, the shop is famous for its sundaes, and Gnorwen is famous for being cold all the time working around the freezers. Tourists love to get their picture taken with her after rafting expeditions.

Join me as we knit an adorable original in small chunks! All Work, Gnome Play is mostly simple knitting, with a few stylish elements.

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Skills Used

  • knit and purl in the round
  • k2tog, ssk, p2tog
  • kfb, M1L, M1R
  • knitting through the back loop
  • i-cord
  • cabling (optional)
  • picking up stitches

Video tutorials in abundance!

Key Dates

  • First Clue – Tues, Sept 21
  • Last Clue – Thurs, Oct 7
  • Last day to enter to win a grand prize – Fri, Oct 22
  • Prizes Announced – Mon, Oct 25


Yarn Amounts: 3 x 20 g of fingering weight

Colours: You will need 3 colours. Colour advice is in the Pre-Knitalong PDF available to download when you purchase the pattern. You can also rely on the colour smarts of our participating dyers.

Participating Dyers 

These dyers have seen the finished gnome and have put together sets of minis for you. Knowing the secret details and having expert colour sense means you can rely on them to guide you to gnomish happiness. They’ve got great taste! Click their names to see their combos.

GingerSnap – featured dyer for this MKAL, they provided the Goldie Gertie kit I used – Canada

Lavender Lune – US

Leading Men Fiber Arts – US

Tricot & Stitch – EU

Das Mondschaf – EU

Draadkracht – EU

Norah George – UK

Yarn Therapy – New Zealand

Emma’s Yarn – US (Emma’s Yarn is a wholesale-only dyer with a mission to support LYS all over the world, and here’s a link to an LYS near you (or online) selling kits.) Beautiful Syster Bags are another way to get Emma’s Yarn sets and they have a special gnome project bag paired with Emma’s Yarn kits to make your Gnorwen.