Stop dreaming and start making!

We talk about things we are “imagiknitting” on our podcast (LINK), and the idea behind this make-along is to get over the inertia. Stop saying ‘someday’ and start making.

Dates: December 26 to March 31

What am I making? You are knitting/crocheting/weaving a project that somehow has been living in your imagination. A technique to try. A yarn to use. A pattern to finally make. A project to bring a smile to your life.


  • Project must be cast on and finished in the KAL time period to qualify to enter to win one of the Grand Prizes
  • 1 entry per person for grand prizes, regardless of size of project or number of FOs you make
  • Chatter prizes for posting in the thread on Instagram or using #ImagiKnittingKAL21 on Instagram
  • Grand prizes for FOs: In your post, tell us a little about why this project is something that you’ve been dreaming of and imagiknitting. We love reading this sort of detail! FOs must be posted to the FO Entry Form which will be posted Jan 15 – (required information: Ravelry/Instagram username and the link to one Ravelry project page or one Instagram FO post)


What if I want to make more than 1 project?

Easy! Make more than one! Chat lots, post lots. You still only get one entry for the grand prize draw because dreams shouldn’t measured against each other.

What counts? What if I just found a project I want to make?

Honestly, we just want to have fun and make things with you. We aren’t the dream police.