Check here for errata and FAQ. If something comes up, I’ll post it here.

Dec 1

Abbreviations & Stitch Tips have the colours listed out of order. It should read:
C1, C2, C3, C4- Colour 1, 2, 3, 4

Using a different weight of yarn? Knit 40-44 rounds of icord.

Dec 3

Today is a story-only day. There is no knitting.

Dec 4

Colours and the Estonian braid
If you find that your colours don’t give you the kind of contrast or effect you’re looking for here in either the garter ridge or the Estonian braid, feel free to substitute one of your other colours. Following colour directions isn’t key here.

Braid not looking quite right
The key to this technique is how the yarns twist over each other in the second round. If your yarns aren’t wrapping around each other, you won’t get the same look. Have a look at the video again and try dropping and picking up your yarns as I do.

Messy first/last st in braid
The first st in the braid won’t have had time to be part of the wrapping of the purl move, and knitting in the round has that spiral effect that creates jogs when we switch colours/textures.

If you don’t like the beginning of the braid, when it’s time to weave in ends you can use the yarn to try to make things look the way you want. A little tug here, a little extra stitching there…

Dec 9

Pocket should read:

Row 2 (WS): sl1 wyif, p to end

Dec 10

Round 24: what looks a lot like kg is just the font being temperamental. It’s “k 9” as in “knit nine”.

Dec 11

New version of the files now updated.

The difference comes at the end where it now reads:

Rounds 38-45: using C2, [k1, p1] around (8 rounds) Cut C2, leaving 4” / 10 cm tail.
Sew in any unknotted ends. Block the gnome if desired.


Runden 38–45: in Fb2, 1 re, 1 li bis Rd-Ende (8 Runden)
Fb2 abschneiden, dabei ein Ende von 10 cm zum Verstechen hängen lassen.
Alle Enden, die nicht verknotet wurden, jetzt verstechen. Falls gewünscht, den Wichtel spannen.


Blocking and what’s front/back
The pocket is centre-front on my Gnombleberry. You may position as instructed by your Gnombleberry.

Dec 13

What colour to use?

We cut C2 in the last clue, so C3 is is our working yarn now. Gnombleberry has a contrast bottom.