Updates will be listed in clue order.



The instructions read “Join C2 and work chart” but Round 6 is worked in C1. Sorry about that. I decided halfway through to chart round 6 rather than starting with round 7.


We start with C1? You said that was the beard, etc. colour
Yep, we use it for that as well as other sections. You’ll note I give yardage directions to those who wish to use a different colour for their beard than their C1 in the preKAL PDF.

Do we slip the sts on both halves (ie, both times repeating the chart) or just at the beginning of the round?
Both times.

Other people have the file already!
Ravelry rolls out these updates over a while so that passionate knitters don’t crash the server. If someone else has the file and you don’t and it’s before 9 am Central, hold tight. After that, you can PM me and I’ll have a look at our options.

I didn’t get a PM or My pattern isn’t in my library so I can’t refresh it to get the upload.
Make sure your file is in your Ravelry library. If you weren’t logged in when you bought the pattern, the pattern wasn’t tied to your username. There are two ways to add it: either go to the purchase email and click the ‘add to library’ link at the very bottom, or go to the purchases section of your Ravelry notebook and follow the process there.

How do I post a photo in the thread?

First, load pictures into your Ravelry project page, then upload them into the post. (Make sure you hit enter and put the photo on its own line rather than with your text.) When you are typing a post, there are icons above the post window, one of which looks like a photo of a landscape. Click that and then you can select the right option for adding photos. Choose the “use project or stash photos” option.