a December mystery gnome event

Countdown the days of December with the folks of the Grimblewoods! You’ll get wee knitting updates to knit a brand new gnome pattern, stories, recipes, and surprises!

It’s almost Longest Gnight but there hasn’t been a single snowflake fluttering in the sky. The Grimblewoods are a dreary, frozen brown landscape, and the gnomes are getting worried. Without snow in the darkest days, the light doesn’t reflect very well and houses and hearts seem darker this year. The littlest gnomes are especially anxious – how will the Gnome of the Gnorth light lanterns on Longest Gnight if his sleigh can’t slide speedily through the snow?

Key Dates

  • Aug 29-Sept 13: preorders for Loopy Ewe goodie countdown set (closed)
  • Sept 15: Preorders for yarn and pattern begin on Sept 15 and continue as long as supplies last
  • November 1: 
    • Snow Matter What presales on Ravelry and Payhip
    • Yarn sets from dyers all over the world
  • December:
    • countdown the month with emails that contain small bits of the gnome pattern, surprises, recipes, and stories

More details to come in November!


I want to source my own yarn.

Great! In November the PreKnitalong Event Guide will explain what you need for yarn, what I recommend when picking colours, and all sorts of other helpful bits.

I want to give this as a Christmas gift. When will it be done?

The last knitting clue for the gnome is always on or before December 24th so that it works well with Christmas giving. 

I’m not into Christmas.

Neither are the gnomes.  They celebrate Longest Gnight, aka the shortest day of the year, with a holiday that focuses on bringing light to the darkness, giving handmade gifts, and being cosy in the frosty days.

I’m really into Christmas.

Great! The gnome size and amount of knitting each clue are very carefully designed so that even if your December is nuttier than the Nutcracker you can fit it in. No one needs to be told to knit every day in December, and while you’ll get an email every day, it won’t always be knitting. It might be the next page or two of the storybook I’ve written for you, a family recipe, or a surprise gift.

I’m a dyer/LYS owner and I want to participate.

Applications are now closed.