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A 12-month celebration of knitting gnomes!

I now have 12 published gnomes and there are conveniently 12 months in 2022. ;-)  Seems like destiny. I’m declaring 2022 as the year to really have fun gnoming!

I originally thought about it as a thing I did on my own, a chance to play around, a visit with old friends. And then I thought: you might want to play along. You might also enjoy a casual, year-long knitalong. Or a knitalong you can dip into and out of at any point. (Because I’m low-stress and so are my KALs.)

It’s going to be fun! And really open-ended. Just because I’m doing all 12 patterns, doesn’t mean you are. Your participation can be totally different than mine. You could knit the same gnome more than once. You could knit just one gnome in the whole year. 

What is this?

It’s a party. A community. A bit of fun. (Actually, a lot of fun.)

I want to celebrate making gnomes on your terms! As with all of my make-alongs, I’m keeping this simple and low-key. There are LOTS of ways for you to participate, with very few rules.

🍄 Make 1 gnome in 2022? Great! 

🍄 Make the same gnome every month? Fun! 

🍄 Make different gnomes when you feel like it? Super! 

Watch this for an Overview:

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Here are the few rules I have:

1️⃣ You can make any number of gnomes. From any of my patterns. In any yarn. 

2️⃣ You can enter one gnome made in each month for a chance to win quarterly prizes. Please cast on and finish in that month. No WIPs.

3️⃣ There’s a special prize category for people who make a gnome every month in 2022.

4️⃣ There are no more rules.

Tag them with #YearOfGnomes and #NeverNotGnoming on Instagram if you post there.

Wait, Sarah, I bet you’re going to be publishing new gnome patterns. What happens if I make one of those? 

You get to enter them. It’s a party, remember? Gnomes are all about YES. Every month that you start and finish one of my gnome patterns is a month you can enter.

What if I want to play around?

Modifications are ok as long as I can tell you started with the pattern. Gnomes are all about YES.

Participating Dyers

I’m partnering with Miss Babs and other dyers to make this year more wonderful. These dyers have brainstormed special colour combos, special fun, special magic. Use of their yarn is not required, but you will want to check out their offerings because…magic. 

My gnomes tend to use 3-4 colours of yarn, and the dyers are offering different sets for you. Some will have single gnome kits, others multi-gnome kits, etc.

Miss Babs

Das Mondschaf

Emma’s Yarn

Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts

Marianated Yarns

Lucy Locket Land

LammingtonLass Yarns

Leading Men Fiber Arts


Quixotic Fibers

Glenheaven Knits

Alte Künste


Natural Fibre Arts



Yarnaceous Fibers

Invictus Yarns

Black Sheep Dyeworks

River City Yarns

Kelli in the Middle Hand Dyed Yarns


Bitten Mitten

Akara Yarns

Cloudberry Yarns

Knitley Road


Blackwattle Yarn and Fibre

Kernow Designs



Oh Nina! Hand Dyed Fibres

Dyed By Hand Yarns

Kernow Designs



Oh Nina! Hand Dyed Fibres

Sea Turtle Fiber Arts

Olive Yarn Dye Co

Sweet Paprika Designs

Lake Knit Yarns

(Dyers – interested? Here’s a link to sign up)

Participating Yarn Shops

These yarn shops are putting on some sort of Year of Gnome special knit nights, extra support, yarn ideas, etc. Check them out! 

Lucy Locket Land

Four Purls 

Diamonds in Daisies

The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop

Yarn & Y’all

The Yarn And Us

Quixotic Fibers

a tangle of yarn

The Tybout House

Potomac Bead Company

Kaleidoscope Fibers

Harps and Thistles

Northfield Yarn

River City Yarns

Yarn Seasons


Hands On Knitting Center

River Colors Studio

Apple Yarns

Our Local Yarn Shop

The Yarn Sellar

Seed Stitch


Fiber and Fusion Studio

Queen City Yarn

The Yarn Club, Inc.

Yarn it & Haberdashery

Unwind Yarn Shop


Park Avenue Yarns

For Yarn’s Sake

Sticks & Strings, LLC

(LYS owners – interested? Here’s a link to sign up)

How do I enter? Is it Ravelry only?

There will be a Google Form each month to collect your information. You’ll need:

➡️ your email address

➡️ the pattern name

➡️ a link to your Instagram post OR a link to your Ravelry project page. This will let me confirm it falls within the month you are claiming. 

Check here and at the top of the page each month for the link.

January’s Google Form link will open…in January.

How do I have extra fun? How do I figure things out? Who do I talk to about my growing gnome obsession?

There’s a hashtag! #YearOfGnomes 

There’s a Ravelry thread: Year of Gnomes

There’s a table showing all the gnome patterns, the order they were published, and the yards/meters you’ll need in fingering weight yarn: Yarn Table! Handy: it’s in the order they were published, so if you’re wondering what order I’m knitting them in, there you go.

But wait, there’s more!

There will be monthly Zoom fun where we show off our gnomes, talk, brainstorm, and generate far too many gnome puns. (I lie. There are never enough gnome puns.) I also have colouring pages for you to play with colour selection on 4 of the gnomes. To access these, head over to the Patreon page

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Link to the prize lists

(Do you want to donate a prize? Click here to contact me.)

Prizes will be drawn Quarterly. For each month you’ve entered, you’ll have a chance to win that quarter’s prizes. It’s a constantly growing list.

But wait! There’s a Special Prize Category, too.

YES! This is a celebration, after all! If you complete a gnome every month, you will get a special digital prize and you’ll be entered in the Grand Prize draw for special prizes. That list is also growing. Check back.

-Miss Babs: $150 US gift certificate

-Free Patterns from me for all the patterns I publish in 2023

-$100 CAD gift certificate to the Gnome Wares shop from me

-Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts: The Ultimate Unified Gnome Kit – a Year’s Worth of Gnomes