'In Search of the Seine' Hat and Cowl Knitting Patterns by Imagined Landscapes


Dramatic ironwork-inspired details. Simple slip-stitch cables playing against bold colour blocks. Introducing In Search of the Seine, a hat and cowl set. In addition to my perennial desire to stop being cold, this one was inspired by our trip to Paris in 2014. Read more about about how important it was that I got lost in Paris.

Knit in worsted weight yarn, the cowl is knit side-to-side and then sewn together with a bit of overlap. There is both a neckwarmer size (smaller in circumference and height and meant to loop once to fit behind your jacket collar) and a cowl size (double looped, luscious, cozy). I had fun playing with colour blocks to make this a bold, graphic set. The cowl uses 4 colours while the hat uses the 3 accent colours you’ll have as leftovers. Click here to see the hat.

'In Search of the Seine' hat and cowl knitting pattern

$7 CAD

Skills Used
•knit, purl
•M1R, M1L
•k2tog, ssk
•slipping sts purlwise
•sewing two layers together
•attaching buttons

Materials List
Colour A – 1 (2) skeins Silver Grey 1946
Colour B – 1 (2) skeins Charcoal 900
Colour C – 1 skein Jet 1913
Colour D – 1 skein Ruby 893

Neck Warmer
Colour A – 80 yds / 73m
Colour B – 150 yds / 137m
Colour C – 20 yds / 19m
Colour D – 10 yds / 10m

Colour A – 230 yds / 210m
Colour B – 430 yds / 395m
Colour C – 58 yds / 45m
Colour D – 25 yds / 23m

Notions:  2 stitch markers, 6 3/4” / 20mm buttons, darning needle.

'In Search of the Seine' knitting pattern, detail of buttons


The buttons are attached on the overlapped section and there are no button-holes to work. If the buttons on the cowl are decorative, aren’t they optional? Yes, but who doesn’t want a little punch of detail to draw attention to their face? I’ve included directions and photos for sewing the cowl together since I know that worries about finishing can keep people away from something they otherwise love. It’s really simple and the photos make it super clear.

'In Search of the Seine' hat and cowl knitting pattern

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