Gnome Pun Intended

The rumply hat! That loopy beard!

They say you can’t go gnome again, but I can’t stop designing gnomefolk! Gnora prefers the North Sea to the Mediterranean and loves cold-water surfing. St. Gnick can’t vacation as often as he would like, but his workplace culture can’t be beat! Milk and cookies, anyone?

Pattern is designed to have minimal end-weaving in and need minimal assembling. It comes with instructions for both worsted and fingering weight options, two beard options, helpful photos, and 2 video tutorials. I LOVE making gnomes and I want you to like them, too!

Perfect for mini skeins and leftovers.

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Height: 7” / 18 cm, Circumference: 9” / 23 cm
Height: 10.5” / 26.5 cm, Circumference: 14” / 35.5

(with a 15% buffer)

  • Hat: 45 yd. / 41 m, approximately 10 g
  • Body: 60 yd. / 55 m, approximately 14 g
  • White (beard/nose/hands): 20 yd. / 18 m, approximately 6 g


  • Hat: 50 yd. / 46 m, approximately 30 g
  • Body: 80 yd. / 73 m, approximately 40g
  • White (beard/hands): 20 yd. / 18 m, approximately 8 g

(Woolfolk Flette was used as the textured yarn for the worsted beard.)

Notions: yarn needle, small amount of stuffing, pellets, cable needle
(optional, for pleats)

•knit and purl
•working in the round on DPNs
•M1L, kfb
•k2tog, ssk
•knitting through the back loop
•picking up sts on the wrong side
•making a bobble

Design Diary video

Pattern has been tech edited and test knit.