Gnomes! Whimsical, dapper, endlessly delightful. I find making them so addictive that my teenaged son started to joke that I needed my own hashtag: #nevernotgnoming. Once I started I could hardly stop, and soon I was improvising ways to make them faster and simpler.

You’ll get three gnome patterns in one: a small gnome ornament, a medium gnome that stands, and a larger gnome to rule whimsically and benevolently over all other gnomes. You also get 2 beard styles – horizontal and vertical.

Gnicholas is an ornament, with a rounded bottom and a passion for birding and perfecting his homemade granola. Gnatasha is about the same size, but plumper and she stands on her own. She’s from Gnew Zealand and likes artisanal pickles. Gnorbert, on the other hand, loves tree forts and hang gliding. (I can’t seem to stop knitting them or giving them rich personal interiors.)

•knit and purl
•k2tog, ssk
•working in the round (pattern written for DPNs but easily adapted for magic loop and knitting on 2 circulars)
•pattern has pictures to help with knitting and assembling

Ornament: 5” / 12.75cm high
Medium: 5” / 12.75cm high
Large: 8.5” / 21.5cm high

APPROXIMATE YARDAGE fingering weight yarn: (with a 15% buffer):
Hat: small/medium 13 yds / 13m; large 27 yds / 25m approximately 3 (7)g
Body: small/medium 24 yds / 22m; large 48 yds / 44m approximately 7 (14)g
Bottom of ornament size: 3 yds / 2m
approximately 1g
White – beard/nose/hands: small/medium 8 yds / 8m;
large 15 yds / 15m
approximately 2 (4)g

•darning needle
•stitch markers
•small amount of stuffing
•poly pellets for medium and large gnomes

This pattern has been tech edited and test knit.