Crossed Furrows Hat pattern detail

$7 CAD

The genesis of this hat pattern is pretty straightforward: I had yarn leftover from the Crossed Furrows Cowl. Except that it wasn’t just one hat that I designed. A two-colour version also sprang into being. Then a tester wondered about turning it into a slouchy hat and suddenly two hats became four!

The colour work is simple: you use only one colour per round and let slipped stitches do the work for you.

Crossed Furrows Hat - 2 hat designs in one pattern

Skills Used
•alternate cable cast on
•knit and purl
•slipping sts purlwise

Both written and charted instructions are included. There are 7 pages in the pattern, but only two need to be printed per version.

Aran weight Yardage
Tests for the baby and toddler sizes used approximately 60 yds/55m Colour A, and about 5-8 yds/4-7m of the other colours.

Tests for the adult sizes used 75-95 yds/69-87m for Colour A, 14-20 yds/13-18m for Colour B, and 8-11 yds/7-10m for Colour C.


wheat field green black crossed furrows