MKAL 9 is a colourwork gnome, an announcement which will strike fear into the hearts of many of you.


a) You know I want you to succeed.

b) You know I want you to love not just your gnome, but also the process of gnoming.

c) You know you’ve learned a lot of things since you started to knit and you can learn one more.

d) You know you’re pretty heckin’ awesome.

don't be scared of stranded colourwork

✔️So, first up colourwork is just knitting, and you’re already good at that.

✔️Secondly, I’ve got help for you. (Scroll down.)

✔️Thirdly, you can knit this gnome plain if you want. There are some new shapes and new …*vague mumbles*… that mean that you can just ignore the colourwork and still make a cool, new gnome. Yep. No stress.

HELP! Stranded colourwork is new to me/gives me the willies.

Yep, I made a video for that. You know I did.

I also made one for chart reading, because colourwork is charted. So that’s helpful, too. You’ve got this.