Gnocchi is pretty pleased to feature in Season 3 of the hit Gnetflix cooking show, “It’s a Chef’s Life.” If you’ve seen the show, you’ll already know that instead of her famous gnocchi recipe inspiring her nickname, it started in childhood because of her nose (gnose?). You’ll also know that she’s very opinionated about the way that spices are sprinkled at the edge of a plate.

Gnocchi features stranded colourwork – a wonderful way to add details to a gnome. It’s like sketching or doodling, and I had so much fun coming up with the patterns. (By the way, if you’ve seen Gnome is Where You Hang Your Hat, this gnome has less colourwork than that one.)

Gnomes are wonderful places to practice colourwork. If your floats are a little wonky, well, wonkiness is gnominess. The name of this pattern is official permission to get things a bit wrong while you work on this skill!

click here if stranded colourwork freaks you out


  • Clues May 13-29
  • Last day to enter for prizes: June 8

Skills Used

  • knit and purl
  • working small circumference in the round
  • stranded colourwork
  • kfb, M1L, M1R
  • k2tog, ssk, CDD
  • k tbl
  • slipping stitches

(Remember, too, that there will be lots of tutorials to help you with all of this.)

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Participating Dyers

These dyers have seen the finished gnome and have put together sets of minis for you. Knowing the secret details and having expert colour sense means you can rely on them to guide you to gnomish happiness. They’ve got great taste! Click their names to see their combos.

Sea Turtle Fiber Arts – Canada
Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts – Canada
Colorista – Canada
Sweet Paprika Designs – Canada
Knitley Road – Canada
Lake Knit Yarns – Canada
Black Sheep Dyeworks – US
Miss Babs Hand Dyed Yarns – US
lolodidit – US
Ryberry Yarns – US
TurtleMade – US
Yarnaceous Fibers – US
Quixotic Fibers – US
Marianated Yarns – US
Leading Men Fiber Arts – US
Kelli in the Middle – US
Invictus Yarns – US

glenheavenknits – AUS
Heathermaid – AUS
Alte Künste – Germany
Das Mondschaf – Germany