Each month I’m going to focus on a colour for a few posts.

I’m starting with grey: “of a color intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or an overcast sky”.

It’s the hot neutral right now, especially in knitwear. Perhaps because it shows off texture so nicely, the shadows created by stitches pooling and puddling on the fabric.  I know that when I see something in grey I find it instantly compelling.

foggy grey morning Manitoba


This photograph shows how complex greys are because of the way that light sources affect the colour. I love to look at it. My father has been exploring the facets of fog lately. He gets up early, drives to his favourite locations along the Assiniboine Valley, and waits for the interaction sun and mist to transform the prairies. He’s been interested in landscape photography for as long as I can remember, and “talking photos” with him has formed a large part of my aesthetic.

I don’t yet have the camera I hope to buy soon, but even with my iPhone I can get pictures that make me happy. Happy especially in terms of the way that setting out into the world to take photos makes me see the world in more open ways. Having a colour assignment these past few days has helped me be so much more observant and creative.

grey parking lot guardrail cracked

This grey beauty was found on a cracked and mildewing parking lot guardrail and I wouldn’t have spotted it without the prompt.

I’ve got a Grey Pinterest Board that’s really delighting me to build.  All those colours of ash, silver, stone, and charcoal to explore!

Grey or Gray, but either way – yes please!
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