I took my phone on my run with me today. I often wish I had a way to preserve moments while I’m out running.  I seem to see better once my feet start flying. Today is definitely autumnal in feel, and I love running best on days like today, when the internal heat generated by the rhythm seems to be the perfect match for the crisp energy of the world.

gusty winds tossing the willow leaves

Wind in the willows. It’s a grey and blustery day, perfectly caught by the silver flashes that willows show when they’re tossing in the gusts.
running off the beaten path in Brandon, MB

I try to take the path less taken.  My body feels better on the grass, so I run off in the trees beside the walking path.  There’s a playful spirit to it, too, as I dodge around and weave in and out.

Did you get out today?

Running Out and About
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