Knitting, as we well know, is not for people wanting instant products.  But there is still enough time to knit up a number of gifts before the holiday clock chimes midnight!  Here’s a few of my favourite things to make. I’ve made a Ravelry Bundle for Quick Gifts.  Clicking through will get you links to all of these patterns and more. I’ve actually made most of the patterns in the bundle, and the few I haven’t made yet I am still hoping to make as gifts. I wanted you to feel like you could trust the patterns to be successful. Many of them are also free patterns.

Here are a few of the ideas with pictures from my Ravelry projects.

3 Gnomes, Snowball Buddies, Zombie the Podcaster

Knitted toys are fast if you find designers who don’t expect you to seam and sew a dozen little pieces.

The 3 Gnomes pattern is adorable.  I haven’t given a single one away as a gift because they’re mine, all mine, and no one can have them.  But if you’re a better person than I am, you can definitely expect delight. I made mine in fingering weight scraps, but the original is knit in aran.

The Snowball Buddies pattern has 4 sweet little animals that knit up about the size of a tennis ball.  They work well as tree ornaments. I’m teaching a class in the Rudolph version over the next few weeks at Knit 2 Scrap 2, my local yarn store.

Everybody needs a little monster in their lives, right?  The Zombie the Podcaster is a simple and speedy pattern. Great for using up scraps.

Scant Hat, Hermione's Cable and Eyelet Hat, Double Bump Dishcloth

The green hat is a Scant Hat.  I think I’ve knit 7 of these. What is so incredible about this pattern is that you can use any yarn, any needles, and make a hat for any size head – without a gauge swatch. Instructions are given for beanie or slouchy versions. If that isn’t a freakishly fantastic idea for last-minute gifts, then I guess there’s no pleasing you. :)

Hermoine’s Eyelet and Cable Hat is a recreation of the hat worn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and is a stylish feminine hat in worsted weight.

Dishcloths are not necessarily the most stunning gift you’ll give this year, but there is a sweet generosity in making a commonplace thing more special. The Double Bump dishcloth holds it’s texture over the months, and is quick to work up.

I’d be silly if I didn’t mention my Thotful Spot Hand Warmers and Hat. Both of them fast and simple.


Looking for more knitting and holiday awesomeness? Knitvent is a knitters’ advent calendar, with a ‘window’ opening every week.  Helen Stuart has a great design sense and does a wonderful job of conjuring up the right patterns for this time of year. The Indie Design Giftalong is a really fun event starting today.  The 25% off sale of many independent designers’ patterns starts today and runs until Nov 27.  After that, there’s a huge and energetic knit and crochet along until Dec 31.

Gifts for Knitting
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