I love goals. I enjoy the implied sense of dreaming a better future every goal entails. I enjoy the feeling that I am on a journey and the destination keeps getting better.

But goals can sabotage us, especially when we set lofty goals and then set up no process for achieving them. That’s when the nasty, horrible, judgemental side of ourselves comes out, and it never comes out to *play*.

Lately I’ve been thinking about goals and judgement. Goals and balance. Goals and community. Goals and process. I’ve been thinking a lot about goals. You might be able to tell.

What if there was a way to set goals, make it likely that we’ll achieve them, that we’ll be kind to ourselves while we work on them, and feel like there’s time and space for delight? I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

To Do: Balance everything while Excelling

goals and a delightful life
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One thought on “goals and a delightful life

  • You’re so right about finding the delightful side of goals, especially during this holiday season when we heap expectations higher and higher. I think I’ll take a leaf from your book for my planning, and add “be available for some fun time”.

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