Those of you signed up for the newsletter got the exciting news that I would be publishing 5 new hat patterns last week, complete with teaser photos and coupon codes, and you will no doubt have noticed that I am not the proud publisher of 5 new hat patterns. I am having problems with these 5 files. Only these 5 files. To the bafflement of professionals.

So while we await the news that there there is either A) a magical solution that will revive my ready-to-publish files, or B) I have to start copying and pasting from the PDFs I sent testers, and redoing all of the charts, and recorrecting the errors they caught, and…

Ok, so, as we await a verdict on my files (breathe, Sarah), let’s have a little distraction.

I’ve been making flowers. I have a collection of knitted gnomes. Let’s mash them up! We will start with grumpy gnomes.

grumpy knitted gnome cranky knitted gnome

They have the February grumpies. It’s a common condition.

Hooray! Flowers in the snow!

making flower angels

Making flower angels.

surrounded by roses

Ah, that’s better.

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One thought on “Distractions

  • Anyone could be distracted by those whimsical gnomes, even if they are grumpy some of the time!

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