In a lot of ways, I failed in February. At least, I failed to reach the final point where I could put a Triumphant Check Mark. But every week or every day I was moving forward on all of these focus points, and that really feels like a triumph for me. I’m happy with my part in this month, even if February wasn’t always happy with me, if you know what I mean.


Focus 1: Social 
February: Host dinner or games night. Go to one knit night.

Technically a fail, but actually a success. We did invite people over, but no one could make it work this month. Then again, we did get an invitation of our own and went out for coffee with another couple. I did go to knit night.

Focus 2: Intellectual 
February: read a book

Yes! I read almost every day.   I read The Cloud Roads, which had a horrible cover but an enjoyably different take on fantasy cultures. As someone who enjoys a good bout of anthropology and biology, it was interesting. I also finished a biography of Queen Elizabeth. Now I’m feeling a pull back toward more fiction.
(bonus action to level up: audiobook per month, too. Accomplished. Finished The Martian which is a really good audiobook.)

Focus 3: Physical
February: run 4X weekly, long run to 1:15

Well, I ran as often as my health would let me. Technically a fail, but I pursued the spirit of the goal. I’m going to adjust the goals for the next two months to reflect a different long run target since I didn’t make the February inroads I’d hoped. Oh, February! Will you and I ever get along?

Focus 4: Designing 
February: publish a pattern, have next one in test knitting

So, so much frustration in this. I have 5, yes five, patterns nearly ready to go that my computer is holding captive. I’m so close and yet utterly far away from publishing them at the same time. I have hope, though! Hope that this week I will learn there’s a magical solution from the IT guys.  Otherwise I have determination and I’ll just rebuild the patterns from the beta PDFs I have.

For the future design component of this goal, I have knit 3/4 of my next design and frogged it. And swatched with new patterns. So…

This goal is a great, growly fail, but yet I worked and worked at it and I really am proud of how much progress I’ve made even if there are big puddles of nothing to show for it. Above all, I’ve worked on things within my control and not freaked out about the problems. That’s really fantastic, don’t you think?

Focus 5: Homeschooling 
March: Doing really well on this one!



So, how are you doing? Are you happy with your progress? Is there something you can learn from your failures?

GoalAlong: February Check-In
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