So I have been getting odd messages from people.  With the very first email I was pretty sure I had received the most inventive spam ever. But no, it’s true, my Crossed Furrows Cowl was part of a Love Knitting TV ad! You can read all about it on the Love Knitting “Knitting on the Bus: Behind the Scenes” page.

It’s such a fun ad, the way the black and white comes to life as the whole bus explodes with fun and colour. (And knitwear. Does that need saying?)

It’s about 3 seconds in on the right in the first shot with women in it.

According to Kate of A Playful Day’s account of the day, she spent time beside Debbie Bliss laughing, which means that Debbie Bliss likely laughed near my cowl! I’m just sayin’.

My cowl is on British TV!
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2 thoughts on “My cowl is on British TV!

  • Wonderful! I went to various links and found the colour photo of Kate wearing the cowl. The view on the bus was mostly black and white. Your cowl really pops with the colours she’s used. And what a great ad.

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