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Now that it’s time to breathe and refocus for the next term of the GoalAlong, I’ve been thinking that I need to pare down the number of areas I chose as a focus. I did 5 last time, which felt like a lot, but on the other hand they were all things that I knew were important to me for those months and I enjoyed having the accountability of the check in for them.

It’s summer now, though, and a few things that I was struggling with are now well-entrenched habits. I don’t need a reminder to read more now.

Steps for the GoalAlong at Imagined Landscapes

May – August, what do I want to focus on? I need to remember that part of the idea is to pick focuses from different areas of my life so that I have balance between working and playing, striving and relaxing.

My focuses will be: fitness, designing, and boundaries.

Fitness goal: Run 4 times per week and build long runs to 90 minutes. Continue cross training and enjoying my new strength : cross train 2-3 times weekly.

Designing goal: Design at least one pattern per month.

Boundaries goal: Do a better job of having off-hours, and screen-free time with my family. Have at least 2 days per month on weekends when I leave my phone put away.


These are nice and clear and I don’t think I need to break them down into monthly steps. I could break the running one down in terms of long run distance, I suppose, but I feel good this time about these basic plans each month.


Are you joining in this month? I’d sure love to hear about your plans! Blog it or post in the comments.

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