Episode #2 – Long Distance Thunderstorm

For this episode we were working with what will be our normal set up – recording over Skype since we live a few hours apart. There was a storm involved and Sarah was certain it would sound like we were talking in 2 tin cans while being electrocuted. Happily, aside from the bits Katie edited out, this is a civilized episode with reasonable audio quality. :-)

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Destination Achieved (FOs)


Duplicate stitching centre of hat

Are We There Yet?  (WIPs)




What’s on the Horizon (Imaginary Knitting and/or Planning)


  • Elwoodstriped baby cardigan with nice details at neck
  • Woven tea towels – swatching


Here’s the picture of deer that we talk about during this bit:

lovely deer photo


Armchair Travel


  • Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis and her class cancellation dilemma 


Off the Knitted Path (non-yarn things)


  • Anne of Green Gables and Mrs. Lynde’s cotton warp quilt – also known as a Counterpane
    • blog post from Lady ‘N Thread with explanation, photos, resources
    • Ravelry project from Lady ‘N Thread of gorgeous square that makes Sarah want to make a cotton warp quilt


Episode #2
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