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I’ve been acting contrary to my typical patterns and casting on all sorts of projects. I have 4 projects actively on my needles and the yarn wound for 3 more. On Monday we had our first snowfall that meant it, and we’ve had to shovel the walkway twice since. The world has that feeling of settling in for winter, with the blanket of snow, the feeling of brewing holiday secrets, and the smell of cinnamon in baking wafting through the air.

How are your projects going? I’d love to know what you’re knitting and what it looks like.

The Indie Designer Giftalong has been so inspiring. Those Pinterest boards! The hundreds of FOs starting to fill the FO thread!

I’ve finished my first GAL project. Matthias has recently changed his video game setup so that he doesn’t have to dominate the living room – and by extension the entire main floor. He’s got things set up in his room, but finds his hands get cold there. It took a few discussions to figure out what might work since somehow he needed hand warmth without covering the palm of his hand. He holds the controller against his palm and doesn’t want slipperiness there. They’re the Little Something pattern by Larissa Brown. Here’s the link to my project page.

I’ll pop them in his stocking this Christmas. (Thanks to Rainer for modelling them before leaving for work today.)

Little Something cuffs for the Indie Designer Giftalong

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