The Prairie Hills Shawl has a few nifty tricks, but this idea of a self-fringing shawl may have you a little confused. And if you noticed that they are achieved by dropping stitches you may actually be a little freaked out.  You might be thinking, “Dropped stitches run, Sarah. They run and run and never stop until the top.”

This is true.


Remember the shawl is knit sideways and running all the way to the top of the stitch column isn’t the same as running to the top of the shawl. These 5 garter stitches on the right side of the shawl are just waiting to be unravelled. It’s their entire purpose in life.

prairie hills shawl fringe
prairie hills shawl fringe


Phew! Isn’t that a relief? And then those loops are just lovely and waiting there for you to bead if you want before you knot them and cut them. Or don’t cut them. The looped fringe looks fantastic, too!

prairie hills shawl fringe

Prairie Hills Shawl Fringe
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