As I watched the crafting world pour enthusiasm, generosity, and fun into the season leading up to the December holidays, I realized that I wanted to do the same thing for later in winter. December is already awesome! Around here, February and March are part of the long, slow end of winter. They need sustained festivities if any month does!

Fantastic Fun February


Inspired by the advent calendars, giveaways, fun, and the community I loved in December, I want to increase the level of wonderfulness in the knitting world for 28 days. MAXIMUM AWESOMENESS!

It’s my idea, but I encourage you to jump in with your own version, your own playfulness, your own ideas. Post about your Fun in the Imagined Landscapes Ravelry Group and use the hashtag #FabulousFunFebruary on social media so everyone can find and enjoy what you’ve come up with.

This year, FFF will have:

  • a giveaway every day. I’ll mix it up, sometimes on the blog, on Instagram, Facebook, in my newsletter, and in the Ravelry group. Unpredictability is one of the things that makes life more enjoyable.
  • some games and requests for happiness-inducing ideas. For instance, to enter to win one of the contests I might ask you to post a link to your favourite 80’s music video. Or on a Monday I’m probably going to need you to tell me a joke. Or be kind to others.
  • a sale. The code ‘Hats4Happiness’ will get you 30% off any of my hat patterns on Ravelry in February. Hat knitting always makes me happy as a knitter. Satisfying, interesting, and done quickly enough to provide a hit of accomplishment!
  • a tutorial series. In the second half of February I’ll be posting step-by-step guides to knitting a join-as-you-go mitred scrap blanket, complete with how to add a frame to your squares, how to add rectangles, and how to edge it.
  • #VintageKnittingFridays – every Friday I am going to post a photo of an older knitting pattern on Instagram and I’d love it if you’d join in! Some of them will be stunning in a good way and others will just leave us feeling stunned.

Happy February 1st, everyone! Let’s use positivity, joy, and generosity to jazz up February!

Fabulous Fun February
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