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  • Katie:
    • VKL NYC! Registered for classes:
      • Snip’n’Zip with Franklin Habit – steeks and zippers
      • Creating Successful Sweaters with Amy Herzog – adapting existing patterns for maximum awesomeness
      • Make your Gauge Work by Patty Lyons – be more than the boss of your gauge!
    • Going with Figpox: Figpox Farms Designs


On the Knitted Path

  • IndigoDragonFly, or Kim McBrien Evans, recently posted this on her Instagram and Facebook, with a picture of herself in her most recent design Last weekend I was told by someone that I “needed” to show my designs on other bodies. That I was preventing this person from picturing these designs on herself. Taller than me, thinner than me, prettier than me, I am markedly aware that this was someone who has likely seen most designs shown first on someone that looks like them.

Here’s my response: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for getting in front of the camera, even though you’re not comfortable with it. Thank you for showing the world that beauty can be at any size.

And, as a plus-sized woman myself, thank you for standing up for our right to be represented in pattern pages! I am so disheartened by the small number of plus-sized women who take pictures of themselves in their projects. PLEASE, please let me see you! Not just so that I can see what X project looks like on someone closer to my body type, but also so that we can continue to claim our right to be seen as worthy of appreciation, regardless of our size.

Here’s a challenge to all our listeners, regardless of size, age, or anything else that you might come up with that limits you from feeling comfortable putting up pictures of yourself: look through your project pages and find something that doesn’t have a modelled picture. If you still have that item, ask someone to take a picture of you in it, then upload it into Rav. Then come share that picture in the thread for this episode, and, if you’re comfortable with it, post the same picture on Instagram and use the #imaginedlandscapespodcast hashtag, plus #bodypositivity (if you’re comfortable with that last one, keeping in mind that other people use that tag as well so your picture will be visible to even more people than usual)


Off the Knitted Path


Episode 29: Show Yourself!
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