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On the Horizon: Winter 2018 KAL

  • Overview: Make a fabulous sweater! What makes it fab? It makes you feel gorgeous. So…It’s a sweater KAL, but with added content. (More than added requirements.)
    • Our discussions will be Inspired by: Knit to Flatter book/Craftsy class/principles
    • Knit to Flatter is about learning to celebrate the body you have been given, and creating sweaters that make you look and feel great.
      • If a piece of clothing doesn’t work for you? It’s the clothing’s fault, not your body’s.We forget this. But we shouldn’t.
      • Clothing changes the way you look to the rest of the world, and that change is something you can (and should) control. So that you appear how you want to appear.
    • In Jan we will talk through the Craftsy class in 2 chunks
  • Dates: Jan 1 to March 31
  • Thread on Rav
  • Knit to Flatter on sale on Craftsy
  • #ilwinterKAL2018


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