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Happy New Year! We talk about the “Word of the Year” concept.

Katie mentions the Enneagram, and a book called The Road Back to You

Destination Achieved



Are We There Yet?  




On the Horizon:


  • Hat for Rainer


  • VKL homework! I leave in 2 weeks!
    • contact if you’ll be there


Better Sweater KAL

Rules of the Knitalong

  • Post a picture of you in your sweater that you knit between Jan 1-Mar 31 (prior swatching permissible) in the FO thread (not up yet).
  • Any full sweaters qualify – no shrugs or ponchos. Tshirt-style sweaters ok.
  • Bonus Entry – explain why you choose that pattern and any mods you made so that the sweater would be flattering. Mods include using Custom Fit, because…duh.
  • Knitting done by Mar 31, have until April 7 to post pictures.
  • for chatter prizes, post in the KAL thread and use #ilwinterKAL2018 on Instagram

Discount code from IndigoDragonfly!  15% off yarn orders over $75; expires Feb 28, 2018

  • coupon code: imaginedkal15



  • Dragon Fibre Bags – Medium bag, fits 3 skeins easily, 5 pocket section, yarn guide
  • Sun Valley Fibers – 2 skeins, one each for 2 winners
  • Katie’s Mystery Cross Stitch
  • more to come – contact us if you want to donate a prize!

Discussion of Craftsy Knit to Flatter Lessons 1-5

  • Premise of this and her book Knit to Flatter: About presenting a visual impression of balance as a silhouette. Easier to visually widen something narrow than make wide narrow
  • Three body types
    • Sarah: I’m probably balanced, but I feel bottom heavy, and I know that if I’m not careful I easily make choices that can emphasize my bottom and throw me out of whack – hem length in particular
      • Also, I can easily forget I have short legs compared to my torso
      • Top-heavy, bottom heavy, balanced.  Also variations in terms of short vs long torso, short vs long legs, curvy vs straight, busty knitters
      • Sarah’s Featherweight cardigan (oops, nope – I meant my Reservoir)
    • Katie: balanced with tendency towards top heavy
  • “Next favourite sweater”:
    • Focus on getting a perfect size for shoulders, because that’s hardest to alter
    • Pieced, seamed, set in sleeves, plain fabric
    • Katie’s Hubris Sweater

Our sweaters:

  • Sarah: Sequin – Using Custom Fit – for the third time.
  • Katie: Dopamine. I have plain cardis, I want WOW.
    • Will make the fronts symmetrical

What’s your favourite sweater? What sweater type do you love for your body type? Tell us in the KAL thread! (PS You don’t have to read all the posts. Skip to the end and jump in!)

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Episode 35: Better Sweater KAL
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