It’s been a great month of knitting, shooting videos, and editing them, and I am SO HAPPY to announce that you can now watch 18 videos (and counting? who knows what I’ll add down the road).

Gnome Schooling Playlist – all the answers I want to give people!

You know that transition between I-cord and knitting in the round that’s in Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun’s hat? Or in The ADVENTure Gnome’s shoes? ✔️Tutorial.

You know how blocking a gnome seems baffling? ✔️Tutorial.

You know how you get a ladder in your reverse stockinette in Here We Gnome Again and Gnome de Plume and you heard that Flexi Flips might help? ✔️Tutorial.

You know that friend who can knit but doesn’t believe they can make gnomes? ✔️18 tutorials. Including knitting in the round basics.

Gnome Schooling video series!