One of the best things about the Giftalong on Ravelry is that the designers promote each other, rather than themselves. Think of it as a Black Friday sale that is about connection, support, and fun. (Followed by weeks of knitting and crocheting and if that’s not our jam, what is?!)

Here’s a link to the massive bundle of items on sale. Click the “advanced button” to sort by yarn weight, yardage, category, whether you already own it or have it favourited, etc.

I did some fun browsing and here are 3 items for each category of the knitalong:

Hats and Other Head Things

Flame Ear Warmer by Michelle Wray

Laggan by Jenny Wiebe

Hubby Hat by Jesie Ostermiller

Hands and Arm Things

Illiusion Gloves by Alena Malevitch

Rabbity Mittens and Muffatees by Mona Zillah

To and Fro Mitts by Mone Dräger

Shawls and Stoles

Positive Thinking by Lisa Ross

Mystic Vortex by Anna Dalvi

SWIRLS by Marion Bulin

Toys, Home, and Misc

Fancy Hen by Ella Austin

Pump up the Plaid Blanket by Cori Eichelberger

Cuddle Me Caterpillar by Doreen Blask

Foot And Leg Things

SHaGS (Simultaneous Heelflap and Gusset Socks) by Sarah Jordan

Arctic Blizzard by Katrine Birkenwasser

Woodland Loafers by Clare Slade

Cowls, Scarves, and other Neck Things

Pop and Lock Cowl by Lisa Ross

Cinnamon Stars by Amy van der Laar

Stocking Stuffer Cowl by Stephanie Lotven

Sweaters and Other Garments
Cunningham Falls by Kristen Jancuk

Hamiltonian by Kathryn Folkerth

Beginner Brioche Slipover by Minimi

Baby Things

Love and Rainbows Hat by Sunshine Stewart

Mushroom Booties by Kathie Popadin

A Tea Party for Ruby by Raven Knits

Indie Designs from the Giftalong that caught my eye