We gnomed SO HARD this year! Have you seen the numbers?


We need to celebrate with style, so I shot two videos – one with the prizes for the 4th quarter, and one that’s a wrap-up and grand prize party (I go over the stats and the knitalong a bit in this one).

If you got a prize from me, check your inbox! (and junk mail folder, sigh)

Come to the Year of Gnomes thread in Ravelry to celebrate, post any collages or group photos you have, and generally start the after-party! On Instagram, we’re posting group shots or collages of our gnomes using #YearOfGnomes12in12


Are we doing Year of Gnomes again?
Absolutely! Just not in 2023. This year I’m going to focus on designing more gnomes and hosting shorter knitalongs. In mid-February the Grimblewoods Collection Vol 1 – previously a Jimmy Beans exclusive – will go on sale and we will have a knitalong around those 6 patterns.

There will also be a few mystery knitalongs and of course the December gnome event.

If you want to do your own year of gnomes, you go rock that! There are already a few people planning and gnoming in the Gnome Chat 2023 thread on Ravelry.

Year of Gnomes Wrap-Up