What is this?

A readalong for a classic book about a redheaded orphan whose untraditional mind opens hearts and takes all of us on a magnificent journey!

Finally, the readalong I’ve been thinking about for 3 years! What tipped me over? I’ve been inspired by my talks with Lisa of Paper Daisy Creations  as she designed her Socks of Green Gables Collection (coming soon). Brainstorming pivotal Anne moments and phrases with Lisa really got me excited to dive back into this charming world.

From 8 years old until my mid-20s I read the entire Anne series yearly, and I’ve read it every few years since then. It’s been too long this time, and I have this itch that needs scratching. From the characters to the vocabulary to the moments, this book has so much I love.

How will this work?

As easily and eagerly as possible! Grab an audiobook version if it helps. 

The book will be broken into three sections to make the experience unrushed.

The ways to participate include Instagram, Ravelry, and Zoom.

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Ch 1-14:  March 29 – April 11

Ch 15-27: April 12 – 25

Ch 28-end: Ap 26 – May 9

More How


WHAT? Spoilers? Yep. Some people haven’t yet met Anne or seen the Lake of Shining Waters. Please keep your discussion of the plot within the dates for the sections. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.There is no Anne Police and we understand that things happen. But it’s our hope that people reading Anne for the first time have a great experience and you can be part of making that happen!

prompts for discussion for the read-along - check Instagram or Ravelry for details


Want to readalong on Instagram? That’s easy! Use #GreenGablesRAL for any of your posts. Follow that hashtag to see what others are posting.

Also, Lisa and I will be doing a little Instagram Live session. 1pm Central Time on Sunday,March 28 to talk about the Readalong and the Socks of Green Gables collection. Follow me to join in. It will also be available to view afterwards on my IGTV.



Want in-depth discussion of the books? Or frivolous discussion for that matter? We’ll be covering the prompts and a whole lot more. The link to the Imagined Landscapes Ravelry Group is here. And the thread for the RAL is here.



3 Knit and Book Chat sessions on Zoom! 

1pm-3pm Central Daylight Time on Sunday, April 11

7-9pm Central Daylight Time on Monday, April 26

1pm-3pm Central Daylight Time on Saturday, May 8

These two-hour Zoom chats will be a relaxed sort of event. A tea party as organized by Mrs. Stacy, not Mrs. Lynde. Bring your knitting, crocheting, and whatever size glass you think you’ll need for raspberry cordial.

I will send out the Zoom link to my newsletter subscribers on the day before the call. 


All the dates in one place:

Kickoff and Socks of Green Gables: 1pm Central Daylight Time on Sunday, March 28

Ch 1-14:  March 29 – April 11

Zoom: 1pm-3pm Central Daylight Time on Sunday, April 11

Ch 15-27: April 12 – 25

Zoom: 7-9pm Central Daylight Time on Monday, April 26

Ch 28-end: Ap 26 – May 9

Zoom: 1pm-3pm Central Daylight Time on Saturday, May 8

👉P.S. Want to keep reading the Anne series? I’m going to continue reading a book a month until I’m done all 8 and would love to have you join me.