sweater surgery, part 1

First, I shortened the mysteriously long top section. I say mysteriously long since the incredible Custom Fit softwear generates a pattern with very specific instructions, down to row numbers, and there is only one size so it’s not like I just read the numbers for the wrong size.  This is a truly custom pattern, made for my measurements from my swatch.  My brain took a custom vacation apparently.

sweater surgery, part 2

Then I picked up stitches, snipped the yarn two rows above, and unravelled back til I was ready to reknit the ribbing.  ‘Why?’ you ask, ‘That ribbing is so tidy and well-mannered.’  True, dear reader, but I did garter ribbing everywhere else, so this was like a well-mannered but uninvited guest crashing the tea party.

It’s all done and, phew! where are my cucumber sandwiches? I need some sustenance for seaming.

sweater surgery