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I wrote last week about how our entirely handmade Christmas changed us and mentioned that brainstorming was a big part of our process. We hit on a pretty cool set of questions that allowed us to find a sweet spot between what we could do and what people might want to receive. Our goal was really to keep the giving as focused on the recipient as store-bought would be, rather than just a random set of handmade gifts to collect dust.

I’ve made up a worksheet to share with you.  It basically formalizes the conversations we had over hot cocoa.  The magic really happens in step 3, but 1 & 2 help you think about yourself and your skills.

Click the image below to download the worksheets, make some hot cocoa, and get creative!

link to download the free brainstorming worksheet for fantastic handmade gifts


I’d love to hear from you: what worked, your favourite ideas, questions if you’re stuck and need help brainstorming, etc.

Come back next week when I’ll be sharing some of my favourite gift ideas and tutorials for presents that have been a big hit with us, as well as the recipe for those Peppermint Crunch Cookies.

3 Steps to Fantastic Handmade Gifts: a free PDF for brainstorming
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