Thermal Boot Cuffs


I’ve been really good this fall at staying on task and working on the things that are on my list of things to be working on, but the strain was building. A little whimsy and spontaneity needed to happen. I had bought a new pair of boots and they’re a lot shorter than the boots I usually wear. I wanted something to smooth the transition between pants and boots and help with my favourite part of autumn – layering. So I promised myself that when I finished my cardigan (it’s blocking, pictures soon) I could ignore the list for a little while and make boot cuffs.

They’re fantastic.  They make me feel as happy and as stylish as I hoped they would.

Thermal Boot cuffs

Pattern: Thermal Boot Cuffs, a free Ravelry pattern

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (1946 silver grey heather)

I wanted ankle size rather than calf so I knit them on 39 sts instead of the 54 recommended for the smallest size.

I knit them in a day.  I will definitely be making at least one more pair, possibly the Reversible Boot Cuffs since I love the idea of getting two looks from one project.  These could get addictive!