Do you ever go on little jags of creativity that have nothing to do with anything practical? Little flights of fancy? Short (or long) bouts of whimsy? I do, usually twice a year. Some winters I make gnomes or tiny sweaters. Some summers I make toys.

This winter, it’s flowers.

Cabbage Rose pattern by Nicky Epstein

The flowers have a purpose of sorts. I’m planning on doing my first yarn bombing with them. Something fun and summery in the midst of winter. I have been scouting locations as I go around town, but I haven’t yet found a place to ‘plant my garden’.

Cabbage Rose, pattern by Nicky Epstein

As is usual with my little jags, I also can’t stop photographing the items.

The pattern is Cabbage Rose by Nicki Epstein. It’s a free pattern. I used some Malabrigo Worsted scraps I had around. I also played with the pattern. A longer one. A smaller one. Different ideas with her leaves.

Extra large Cabbage Rose, knitting pattern by Nicky Epstein


One tip – if you want a larger rose, I don’t recommend going to 15 sts cast on and then doubling as the pattern instructs. I was at nearly 200 sts by the end and they could hardly stand the difference in size between the cast on 15 and what was on my needles. They were desperate to bend and couldn’t and it was a bit hard on my hands and awkward. Also, while the flower is taller, it’s not much bigger. I’m toying with the idea of doing 2 plain rows between the increases if I want a larger one. We will have to see how long my mid-winter whimsy lasts. I do have some purple leftovers of the same yarn…

Cabbage Rose pattern by Nicky Epstein

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