This isn’t a behind the scenes like you’ll see for a Berroco photo shoot or one of the magazines, but it sure is what things really do look like here. Usually it’s my daughter Sandra and I off at one of the campuses or parks in town. She takes the photos and directs me. I try to stop frowning and channel someone with far more poise and grace.

behind the scenes on the photo shoot for In Search of the Seine knitting pattern

No makeup artist, but my phone camera turned towards me to double-check my hair and the way a hat is placed.

Sometimes my son along to do a bit of wrangling but mostly just keeping us laughing. Like this moment, when I can hear him approaching from behind me…


Getting closer but staying silent…



I can almost hear the lean and grin…


What a turkey! We’re losing the glorious Magic Hour light! (But it’s worth it.)

Tias outtakes-4

Sometimes my dad helps us set up a mini-studio in the north-facing garden room of my parents’ house and then holds big pieces of white cardboard to direct light onto a cowl.

behind the scenes on the photo shoot for In Search of the Seine knitting pattern

I love that my behind the scenes photos are all with family. That I have a supportive and knowledgeable group of people who get me, love me, and help me? Priceless.

behind the scenes on the photo shoot for Pomball knitting pattern

Behind the scenes
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2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  • It’s always better with family. And while those photos might not make it into a pattern or listing, you have some great pictures of memories.

    I’m starting to make it a point to have a camera (or phone) ready at any moment with our family to catch the bloopers from behind the scenes. Those make it all more intersting + special!

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