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We’re a little more than 3 weeks into 2016. I’m still suffering from a sense of time whiplash and feel like it ought to be October of 2015, but I think that just may be the way of things for me for another month or two. (Or forever. Perhaps I’ll spend my life in a state of mild time travel.)

Sometimes it takes reading about other people’s journeys to really connect with a process. It might be that their ideas really resonate, or it might be the exact opposite and their ideas completely fail to inspire but they start you thinking about what would work for you.

If you love to peek at other people’s goals (And who doesn’t? All the satisfaction of the glimpse of a Bright Shiny Future and none of the work) here are a few people who’ve shared their ideas for the GoalAlong:

Golightly Place
Knit 2 Write 1
One Twisted Tree
KinoKnits who not only blogged about it but also talked about it in podcast #7

Of course, there are great goals to browse in the Imagined Landscapes Ravelry group discussion about it all. A real perk of joining in over there is that I’ll be earburning you (Ravelry’s version of paging someone) at least once per month to remind you to check in on your goals.

Another person you might enjoy (if you’re not already) is Helen Stewart from the Curious Handmade podcast. She’s been talking about choosing a word for the year, and while that’s different, it’s also got a lot of similarities. I like her criteria of asking whether the word will help guide her when it comes time to make choices.


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