Do your spokes roll smoothly?

How are you doing with bringing balance to your lives? If we are going to get far along in this GoalAlong, we need to be sure we’re on track as we move through the months.

How does it feel? Did you set reasonable goals? Are they actually as important to you as you thought they would be? Do you need to use January’s lessons to tweak your plans?

Focus 1: Social
overall goal: I keep saying I want to get together with people more often. This year, I will.
January: Host dinner or games night. Go to one knit night.

This is a win. We hosted people and played Pandemic, my favourite game of all. I haven’t made a knit night because of a few weird scheduling problems, but I’ve got a knitting meet up scheduled for Thursday and I’m counting that.

Focus 2: Intellectual
overall goal: read more
January: read a book
(bonus action to level up: audiobook per month, too!)

This is also a success. I’ve finished 3 books and am partway into a 4th. The first ones were fiction (mostly The Wheel of Time series which I loved but never finished because the kids arrived and I had to stop reading fiction for a while so I could put books down and parent). The current book is “The Queen’s Bed: An Intimate History of Elizabeth’s Court” – another of my continuing jaunts into Tudor history. This is odd, since I’m not actually interested in that time period, but I seem to be interested in the Tudors themselves.

I also get the bonus round from audiobooks this month. I finished “Hard Magic” – a book that is a little bit X-Men meets the Maltese Falcon. I enjoyed it and the narrator did a great job.

Focus 3: Physical:
overall goal: 145 pounds and long runs back up to 2 hours
January: track food daily, run 4X weekly

Strictly goal-wise this is a fail. But given the month I’ve had, with the state of my health or my hip, and with the focus on writing up and test knitting my first pattern collection, I have continuously made the best choice possible for the circumstances. That’s a fantastic thing. I’m not going to knock myself down for that.

Focus 4: Designing
overall goal: release patterns monthly
January: publish a pattern, have next one in test knitting

Goal met. I published 2 patterns this week and am test knitting an entire collection of patterns to release in February. 

Focus 5: Homeschooling
overall goal: pour attention and motivation into my teenager
January: didn’t set a goal explicitly

Define ‘pour’. lol  

I definitely helped us transition into a new semester with optimism, good habits, and a good relationship.

January goals check in

GoalAlong – January Check In
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    1. We tried 5 different places! And all were good. Our favourite was probably Kinton Ramen, but Kinzo and Momofuko were also great.

  • Hi there, What is the very interesting looking book by Georgette Heyer in your last photo? It looks like a fun read, or at least a book to pull off the shelf and read the back cover blurb. Hope you have a great day and month.

    1. I really like Georgette Heyer. As an addition to Jane Austen. Her books become less meaty and fabulous the newer they become, but even her ‘worst’ books are better than any modern book on the Regency that I have read.

      This one is called The Nonsuch.

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