dropping down a section of knitting to fix a mistake

I’m struggling with a few problems. The key problem is that rather than launching my gloriously fun new pattern collection as planned, I’m working on some other designs. I am having a problem with the files and the experts at Apple are currently reviewing the problem. They are hopefully fixing that mistake. (Once they know what it is…)

So I’m doing the work that is within my control and not freaking out (yet). I’ve been editing photos. I’ve been prepping blog posts. And I’ve started work on my next pattern, one inspired by a rainy day and the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Something also in my control: dropping down a section of the pattern and fixing a mistake. Rekniting those 72 stitches rather than the 2,160 that ripping back 9 rows would have meant was a bit of a no-brainer, even if solving the problem wasn’t a no-brainer.  :) Wondering what I’m talking about and why my knitting in that top photo looks like pasta more than knitting? Here’s the blog post from the Yarn Harlot that first exposed me to this glorious concept.

mistake fixed! saved myself rekniting 2,160 stitches

I had to do it twice, but 72 x 2 is still substantially fewer than 2,160.

Fixing things
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