February and March need our help. If we don’t help them, they seem to never help us. (At least, not in Canada and not in the prairies. The snow likely won’t melt before April and it won’t be awesome until May.)

We need strategies.

5 Ways to Make Deep Winter Better ~ from ImaginedLandscapes.com

1. Light candles, light fires, light lamps. And as you do so, pause a moment and enjoy the brightness. Sometimes it isn’t the action, but the meaning we notice in it.

2. Try some ABBA. I can’t stay in a stinky mood if ABBA is on. Or play the music that is silly or energetic or cozy that always changes your mood.

3. Refuse to be cowed by winter. Get out there and do things. Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking. If it’s warmer in your deep freeze than outdoors, you can still hit public skating at the rink. Or read poetry about winter and enjoy someone else’s enjoyment. ;-)

4. Try new things: Listen to new music; Eat a new recipe every Saturday evening; Watch a movie from a country you’ve never visited; Take a class at a gallery, gym or community college.

5. Make something rewarding. Knitters and crocheters, now’s the time for big yarn. Bang out a fast, rewarding project that makes you feel like you’re winning at being cozy & productive. Paint a drippy watercolour and let the paint mixing in the puddles make you feel playful.

What are your coping strategies for this time of year?

5 ways to make Deep Winter better
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4 thoughts on “5 ways to make Deep Winter better

  • I allow myself a little wallow/reality check by re-reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls. Every time I get mopey that I am cold, I can think about the Ingalls family and how they almost starved and froze waiting for the train to come with new supplies.

    Then I warm up the house by baking cookies.

  • My winter is brightened by sparkly lights. I leave my Christmas tree up till Valentine’s Day (or longer if I can convince my husband). When the tree goes down, I start using my salt lamp every evening. Love the picture of your salt lamp and candle, Sarah.

    I also take the time to think about and then celebrate the people, events or activities that bring me joy. And then I try to do them, setting a time frame – sort of like your GoalAlong!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give.

      1. …and I think that it gives us an opportunity to go deeper, to consider the things in our life that are important.

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