Show Notes for Episode 1: Welcome!

For this episode we were settled together on a couch and trying to throw ourselves boldly into the process. We start out a bit nervous, but get going after a bit.

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Katie: Rora114 on Ravelry and Instagram. She and her husband live in a small condo with a fat cat, usually referred to online as OrcaKitty. She works for a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits get stronger. She’s passionate about knitting, a passable crocheter, and a new weaver. –

Sarah: PrairiePoppins on Ravelry, Imagined Landscapes on Instagram.   She’s homeschooled both of her kids since the beginning but is very nearly done. She designs knitting patterns and teaches at a LYS called Knit 2 Scrap 2. Married to a university librarian from Germany and we have 2 teens. Soccer is a big part of our lives.


Destination achieved (FOs)



  • Raiun – an open-front cardigan with elbow length sleeves, and funky detail in the back
  • Sommer Sleeveless Top – cotton/linen tank top
  • Jolly Roger Shawl – skull lace (Don’t try knitting it while watching the Hush episode of Buffy!!)


Are we there yet?  (WIPs)




What’s on the Horizon (Imaginary Knitting and/or Planning)




Off the knitted path (non-yarn things)

  • Ghostbusters
  • Star Trek: Beyond
  • We also briefly mention Witch Hunt, Clerks, Avengers movies, Antman
  • Yarn housekeeping: Sarah’s going to organize her yarn and do a “stash census” of her physical stash compared to her Ravelry stash
  • Sarah’s training for a half marathon this fall


Come join us in the Imagined Landscapes Ravelry group!

Podcast Episode 1 – Welcome!
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