Imagined Landscapes Knitting Podcast


Announcing a new adventure: podcasting!

I’ve wondered about podcasting since about 2007, so this is a long time coming! I love to talk about knitting, I love to make people laugh, and to help people learn, so this seemed like a natural thing for me. But the idea of learning the technology was just enough to put me off every time I got the urge. So when my sister texted me one day to wonder if I had ever thought of us podcasting together, I did the non-magical equivalent of putting a sticking charm on her!

Thus enchanted, we hurtled down the road of learning about audio podcasting. Our first episode was slightly simpler since we were in the same room together. There were nerves. Our second episode was slightly harder difficulty as we tried out podcasting in separate cities. There were fewer nerves.

So search for ‘Imagined Landscapes Podcast’ in your favourite place for podcasts. I know for sure we’re up on iTunes. We are on Google Play. The episode notes also have direct links to the Libsyn site where you can listen directly. Links to the show notes are here.


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