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In this episode we discuss Harry Potter via the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup and a new-to-us podcast, Katie works on 2 cardigans, Sarah invents and diagnoses herself with a new crafting illness, and we talk about stress and a new take on anxiety.


Destination Achieved (FOs)

  • Almost done Elwood – just need to weave in a few ends and find the right buttons.
    She’s loving how the Comparsita yarn is working up! It’s a perfect compliment to the Pearl.


  • Birthday Socks in Regia yarn in a really subtle dark denim gradient and heels/toes done in black

Are We There Yet? (WIPs)

  • Fog & Whisper
    Went down a size with the ribbing, not sure that she’s happy with the result – we’ll see what blocking does
    Used a different yarn for the front collar, and is really happy with that result.
    Now in the never-ending reverse stockinette sleeves. They are so boring, and it’s just so much purling!!


What’s on the Horizon (Imaginary Knitting and/or Planning)


  • Knits for Fort Mac (via RamonaFireHorse)
  • Pigskin Party KAL
  • Fall Knitting Psychosis “a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.” Sounds like Sarah and her plans to knit all the charity items, holiday gifts, cardigans for herself, and design a few things, too.


  • Planning: Briochealicious in Wollmeise
  • Designer also has this Om shawl that’s an answer to Sarah’s wearable blanket conundrum

Off the Knitted Path (non-yarn things)


Roadside Attractions – inspirational stuff (quotes, articles, pictures, etc)

Why Olympic Athletes Shouldn’t Try to Calm Down Before a Big Moment: interesting article on stress, performance, and how reframing how we think about our body’s and mind’s reactions to a situation can help us feel less stressed and be more successful.

“The key to ‘owning’ your stress is to recognize that we tend to stress more, and more intensely, about things that matter to us,” write the Crums. You are stressed-out because the thing in question matters to you, or because it is somehow connected to something that does, by definition. This seems to have the effect of shifting people from pondering failure to reflecting on how a given source of stress matters to them, and what success might mean.”

Episode #3: Fall Knitting Psychosis
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3 thoughts on “Episode #3: Fall Knitting Psychosis

  • I love you podcasts. I look forward to listening to them. I can’t wait to take your Thotful Spot Hand Warmers class, Sarah. I love all the information that you talk about. I think that I might have knitting psychosis, but not just in the fall, but all year long. I am always wanting to try new things and always have at least 6 or 7 items on the go if not more, not counting the ones that are pushed aside because I want to do other things. Can’t wait for the next podcast! You, two, are amazing!

  • Such a wide variety of projects and topics. Love to hear what you’re both up to, and enjoy the follow-up in your notes here. Great work!

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