Katie and I talk about this on the podcast this week, and I thought I’d write a little here, too. 2016 was a great year for knitting for me. How about you?

I like that Ravelry lets us organize our projects. If you tag your projects you can have Ravelry automatically sort things into groups. I tag a number of things, but only have tabs on my project pages for years. Here’s a link to my 2016 page.


Ravelry Project Page


I tallied up some numbers:

  • I knit about 8,800 meters (which is down from previous years)
  • I bought  27,000 meters (which is…up. Wow. I had fun shopping this year! I travelled 3 times and bought yarn like it lights me up with inspiration – hang on, it actually does that)
  • The thing I knit most was blanket squares, but not counting that category it was hats – 9 for being hats and 7 for new designs

Design-wise I had my best year ever! (It was my first full year. ❤️)

  • I published 15 designs! (Including my first collection – The Pomball Hats)
    • 7 hats
    • 4 cowls
    • 1 fingerless mitten
    • 3 shawls

Ravelry Designs Page

In case you like tables, I made one. (For designs, I’m just talking designs that were published this year. It gets complicated since I designed some that aren’t out, but some that are published this year were actually worked up in 2015, so this is way easier.)

year in review 2016

Oops. I just realized I deleted the table file before entering the number of mitred squares. I did 59 this year. Very potato-chippy! (But I’m probably still not even a quarter done.)






2016 in Review