Duelling with Wollmeise, as you do

There will be some winter noises in this recording. Some wind, some street plows. It’s just part of living where we do. And after all, recording a podcast is more important to us than waiting for a perfect moment.

Destination Achieved

Katie: None

Sarah: Gnomes. I’m up to 4 now. (5 by the time the show notes were written!)


Are We There Yet?  (WIPs)




Wearable Blanket KAL

Rules: Not many. What counts? Ponchos, big shawls, stoles. Kilometers of laceweight yes, allover lace stitch, not so much. We’re not into policing people’s entries, so go ahead and persuade us that it’s a wearable blanket! Ponchos are as close to garments as we’re getting. WIPs allowed, as is dipping, double dipping, mega dipping, skinny dipping – we are pro-dipping

Use #wearableblanketkal so we can find you on social media streams, and we’d love for you to use #imaginedlandscapespodcast on those posts too, so new people can find out about us.

Prizes given per month to someone chatting in the Ravelry KAL thread or using the hashtags on Instagram:

FOs posted in Ravelry FO thread (will be opened later this month):

prizes for the Wearable Blanket KAL

2016 Review 

most frequent/most knit category of project:

  • Katie: more gifts (10 plus baby sweaters and 1 unintentional gift) and baby sweaters (5) than ever before.
  • Sarah: hats – 9 projects +7 for designs

favourite project:

Most worn project

least favourite?

yardage knit:

  • Katie: 11,649 yards in 28 projects – incomplete. I didn’t track for Heroic Herschel, or a few other smallish projects
  • Sarah: 9,600yds in 39 projects
  • Want to see a version of the cool yardage bar graphs we were talking about in Ravelry? Here’s Katie’s.

Yardage bought:

  • Katie: 36,057. BUT almost 22K of that was cones of weaving yarn, soooo
  • Sarah: 30,000yds


  • Katie: I try not to use regret as a category in my life. The things that could potentially fall into the “regret” category are all things that come from choices I’ve made, and I’m trying to rewire my thinking to consider things that might be regrets as lessons
  • Sarah: No new sweater or cardigan

Things learned:

Fave design: 

Biggest thing I learned as a designer:

  • Mastering spreadsheets!


2017 Preview 

Katie’s word of the year possibilities: Extend. Stretch. Intention

Sarah can’t pick hers. Center. Invest. Fundamentals. Purpose. Foundation. Loyal.These remind me of what I want, but no joy, no zest to them. 

  • Have a Luna term rather than a Hermione term

Stash goals? Yarn bank? Certain yarn to buy or knit with?

  • Katie: Continue to be mindful about what enters my stash. Try to buy less.
  • Sarah: not interested in rules right now. Luna isn’t into that kind of thing.

DIY yarn club – brown paper bags

  • Sarah: not for me, although I did it one year
  • Katie: Could be fun for socks, since my sock yarn stash is big. This is dependent on me continuing to knit socks, though….

Project goals?

  • Katie: Make the CustomFit pattern I bought. Make a Wollmeise sweater (Make a Wish). Finish the socks for Kyle and maybe start another pair.
  • Sarah: No numbers, but my family loves socks and I ‘only’ knit 5 pairs this year

Knitting health goal?

  • Sarah: Knit more! It makes me happy.
  • Katie: Don’t eff up my elbow more! Take breaks. Start using a timer.

Event goal?

  • Katie: Saving for NYC Vogue 2018
  • Sarah: Maybe NYC?


  • Sarah: Don’t plan too far in advance. I don’t need to be locked in.
  • Katie: start watching a video podcast
Episode 12: Review/Preview
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