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A hearty welcome to Valérie Miller from Knit Bug.

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What excites you about the GAL? What’s your favourite part?

This is my first time participating as a designer in the GAL, but I’ve enjoyed it as a knitter in the past. It’s just the best motivator to get my gift knitting finished in time for the holidays! I also can’t resist snagging some of my favourite patterns at a discount. It’s been great for my knitting mojo… there won’t be a December knitting slump this year!


What makes you excited about being a designer? What part of the process do you find rewarding?

Having an idea in my head one day and (many) days later holding the physical manifestation of that idea in my hands. It’s kind of magical, you know? I get such a rush when a design works out as I’d hoped. I mean, I sketched Moonflower Mosaic on a napkin at a Kelsey’s bar and grill, and now months later I’m gift-wrapping the blanket and any day now my friend will be using it to tuck in her brand-new baby boy. MAGIC.

Are you a full-time or part-time designer?

I work as an archivist for a national broadcaster during the day but I use my ridiculously long commute to get as much knitting in as I can. I don’t aim to design a set number of pieces per year, I just wait for an idea to strike.


Does the place you live affect how or what you design?

Well, it affects how I name my designs! I love picking names from my surroundings and places I’ve been: Battersea, Glenvalley, Speyside, Cadboro and Northumberland for example.

Are you a big gift knitter? What’s your favourite knitting to give?

Definitely. I love gifting hats and scarves since much of my family lives in Ottawa and Québec where neither accessory is optional during winter. And sometimes I get really lucky and a friend or family member will hint that they’d like a shawl. I find shawls slightly less popular with non-knitters but they’re my absolute favourite gift to knit, so I get pretty excited at the chance to cast on!


Giftalong interview with Valérie Miller
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